Why do you need a Key Finder?

A common frustration for women on any given day is finding their keys in a handbag. Not only is this time consuming, but it also forces you to look inside your handbag rather than to pay attention to your surroundings. There have been many products invented to help find your keys faster; from wireless blue tooth devices, GPS tracking and beepers attached to your key ring. These solutions may work for some, but when the base of the key finder is at home and you are walking to your car alone at night, it will not make you feel any safer. You want to be able to know exactly where your keys are, and have quick access to them.

An excellent solution to this ongoing problem is the Key Finder hook. This is a key finder with a hooked end that hangs on the edge of your handbag. Your keys can be safely inside your purse while the hooked end is displayed on the outside of your handbag. Decorative detail on the end of the hook allows you to add a bit of personality to your look. This detail is available in various type
of design. This key finder is lightweight, very durable and convenient!

In addition to the struggle to find your keys, a cell phone can be difficult to locate as well. Especially when you are in a quiet place and it is ringing off the hook! Just attaches the key finder hook onto your key chain cell phone. The Key Finder hook will solve this problem in a snap. The cell phone is able to be safe in your handbag and easily accessible at the same time.

The key finder hook and the cell phone will save you time and will also help keep you safe. So you can focus on where you’re going, rather than what’s in your handbag!

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